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Hungarian Girl online 200000 pounds sold virginity Figure

A Hungarian girl on the Internet auction their virgin.International Online Zhuangao: according to the "sun" reported on August 5th, recently, a Hungarian girl 18 years old in the eBay at 200000 pounds (about 2690000 yuan) sold his virgin,christian louboutin outlet, caused the wide attention of people.
The girl did not reveal his identity, she used the Internet on a name called "spring girl".When asked why betray oneself body thoughts, she says, oneself always have the dream to go to university, being a doctor in the future, she has obtained a university entrance qualification,Christian Louboutin Shoes, but in order to help the family, she had to shelve your studies.
"My mother borrowed a lot of Swiss francs, now the Hungarian credit crunch, if the forint (Hungarian currency unit) to repay the debt, we must pay the equivalent to the original 3 times as much money as debt,Christian Louboutin USA, we simply can not afford.
We may lose a home,Louboutin Shoes, have been out on the street, I hope at home to help solve this problem, so I thought this way."The girl said: "200000 pounds, not a lot of money, because pay taxes, also leave almost half.
But to help at home to repay the debt,christian louboutin sale, the money is enough.I contacted the two buyers, a British one was irish.Two people want me to them, finally I chose English, for I have been through.They both want to marry me, and take care of my family.
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Man with sudden cerebral thrombosis paralysis exercise 5 years t

Fu Desheng from our Cangzhou correspondent Zhang Hui article / chart at the age of 56, Fu Desheng, 6 years before the sudden severe cerebral thrombosis,Christian Louboutin USA, paralyzed in bed for more than a year, despair in several Dutch act.
Family love aroused him the courage of life, for 5 years, he from the crawling of practicing, every little bit better, now he keeps walking more than 20 kilometers, brisk wind, spirit.Fu Desheng's persistence, made him many cardiovascular patients.
He want to the group said, stick to it, you can do it.The sudden illness of several Dutch act early in the morning of June 29, 2004, full of vigor and vitality of the Fu Desheng burst cerebral thrombosis, collapsed at home, serious illness, even the eyes are open, can not take care of themselves.
As the pillar of the family, Fu Desheng by his wife and son on, only 50 years old he was desperate,christian louboutin outlet, thinks of himself as a drag on, many Dutch act.Late one night, Fu Desheng little climbed into the kitchen, picked up the knife, cut the wrist, and stabs the throat, blood gushing, Fu Desheng passed out.
.....Fu Desheng didn't die, lying in the emergency room, his wife and son in tears: "if you go, let me and the kids how to do?You have the heart to leave us, break up the family."Looked at his wife and son, Fu Desheng suddenly realized, you did too irresponsible.
Since then, Fu Desheng is braced, determined to make up.The hard five years by new Fu Desheng recovery actions are out of bed, leg began to practice turning, because half wouldn't work, his every move at first than to practice up baby.
From stand up to in their own crawling on the floor, then slowly wall standing, he finally able to move with the help of his family.He overcame a simple action, every little bit progress, each time is bathed in sweat.
After a year and a half indoor exercise, Fu Desheng was finally able to get out of the house.The summer of 2006, Fu Desheng began to outdoor exercise."Then, walk a few steps pant for breath, I took the bench, walk a few steps to stop to rest.
"In this way,christian louboutin sale, the daily progress of a step, Fu Desheng from a few meters, eventually from home to two kilometers from the Cangzhou City People's park.Now, one's spirits are flourishing. Fu Desheng, get up at three thirty every morning namely, walk from my home to the park, and then turning around 10 times around the park.
From the initial one lap 2.1 km walk for 40 minutes, until now only ten one or two minutes, such as park turn on lap 10.From the initial one lap 2.1 km walk for 40 minutes, until now only ten one or two minutes, walk Ru-fei, faster than ordinary people.
To finish the 20 km,christian louboutin shoes, he started doing sports equipment,Christian Louboutin Shoes, all kinds of instruments to do it again, twister, rope skipping, push-ups and so on, one does not fall under.In 5 years, regardless of the weather, Fu Desheng exercise a day without interruption, light shoes go bad more than 20 pairs.
Through the exercise, Fu Desheng was strong, half body is numb eliminates, he regained his health.The perseverance, adhere to the most important regain health Fu Desheng cherish life.He said he didn't pay attention to the diet, eat meat, drink, smoking unrestrained, is not old to hypertension, eventually led to the cerebral thrombosis.
Now he pays more attention to diet and health, daily life arrangements must be arranged in good order.Not only adhere to the exercise, he was the Cangzhou Peking Opera Troupe of singers and music."I am very busy every day, very full.
Happy."He also buys dish, cook, took on all the housework in the family, with practical action to return family."Cerebral thrombosis patients was not strong, the last two years each exercise all adhere to the teeth, to insist on.
Without the perseverance, cannot reborn.Perseverance is very important."After 5 years of rehabilitation, Fu Desheng on the "perseverance" two words deep feelings.Because of his this stick, Fu Desheng became a lot of patients heart model.
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The United States men drove down the Grand Canyon is card tree.

According to the BBC (BBC) reported on April 28th, a driving men travel to the United States of America Arizona Grand Canyon when accidentally falling off a cliff, but survived.It is reported, this man is 21 years old this year,christian louboutin, was driving in the Grand Canyon,Christian Louboutin, but unexpectedly the car they fall through.
But, fortunately, in fall 61 meters, car got stuck in the tree.Grand Canyon National Park spokesman said, on the night of 25, a male visitors to patrol telephone, said that he in the Grand Canyon when a motorist for falling off a cliff and the injured man.
Park Rangers subsequently in the grand canyon below 61 metres found the car was stuck in a tree.The wounded man told the Rangers,Louboutin Shoes, in car card into the tree,Christian Louboutin Outlet, he managed to escape, and then climbed up to the edge of the Grand Canyon.
The park administration are investigating the matter, and in the shortest time trying to "save" out of car.It is reported, the Grand Canyon is the United States one of the most popular tourist resorts,christian louboutin shoes, the number of tourists every year amounts to 4500000 person-time.
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IT boy riding a motorcycle courier send kiss night job

The dayis Li Kaifu Innovation workshop website project operations division ,night ride motorcycle incarnation express brother go in various colleges and universities ,two completely different image was in the 09 graduating classof Liu Hao found a intersection .
&nbsp ;&nbsp ;not to make money, just want to help someone to do something .Liu Hao said .Found sending kiss express brother North Star &nbsp ;part-time motorcycle courier ,working time of 7 p.
m. to2 a.m.,business people ,including flowers ,paper ,want the other side to eat ,a message even kiss ,half hour mileage of 10 yuan.Recently, in the North BBS, this is about the motorcycle courier advertising placard makes many students feel curious .
Too V5 (Mighty ) !A Peking University Students reply .In addition to sigh ,more and more students are skeptical, netizen neurotic Fairy questioned kiss can also send ,and payment ?There are even students directly quipped :for my uncle sent him two tiger as a remote kiss !As more and more students attention ,sending kiss express brother is also the name of the slowly spread .
Peking express brother is Innovation workshop IT male yesterday afternoon, with a motorcycle brakes, a cool yellow road motorcycle parked in front of reporters ,the reporter also saw the legend of the sending kiss express .
Sending kiss express brother named Liu Hao,christian louboutin outlet, 1 meters8tall,slightly overweight, with a smile on her face ,a pair of metal edge glasses make him look some gentle . I was the 09session ofthe graduates ,Department of sociology .
Now the work is the IT industry ,Christian Louboutin Shoes,in Mr. Li Kaifu innovation in the workshop for a network operations .The original legend sending kiss express brother is not only the old school ,Louboutin Shoes,and a IT male .
Dialogue to kiss is to help people with a message Legal Evening News ( referred to as FW ) :ask a concern for all ,how to send a kiss ?Liu Hao :ha ha ,has not received such business .
But even send certainly wouldn really kiss up,christian louboutin uk, most is a kiss .FW :why will be in business with kiss this ?Liu Hao :This is rooted in my university time the real experience .When a friend of mine in the north of the Department ,and his girlfriend at a medical department ,and not always meet .
Sometimes we go to the medical department will ask him not to my girlfriend to bring something ,he said ,that I kissed her .Come back, his girlfriend also said: help me to kiss him .
We take the kiss .FW :actually kiss ?Liu Hao: Well, he .We are the language on the expression of &nbsp ;who let me take a kiss to you ,that .Express four or five single business received 5 yuanFW :a north of Ireland ,and IT elite ,do you expect to send express ?Liu Hao :I like motorcycles in this sport ,the class of all right when it will be in the Sanhuan ,city of Victoria for a spin .
Rather than waste oil ,help students to send to send something ,think of the job .FW :when did it start? How ?Liu Hao :about two weeks .Many people call ,but the real business do the four or five single .
FW: help students send anything ?Liu Hao :send text ,send a birthday gift ashtray ,some time ago a university girl was wounded in the leg ,only in the evening she called me to meet her ,took her from the two back to the outside of the West hostel .
I am not only express ,or rub .Ha-ha. FW :earn money ?Liu Hao: 5 .FW :each earn $5? Liu Hao: No ,I have to take a ride in Peking University Students 5 dollars,he was sent to Haidian, from the north .
The rest are free .Plans to establish a public service delivery .My work is IT ,sometimes very busy ,but will try to meet the call requirements of students .When is busy working in a swap .
Liu Hao said today ,since started hope to get this done .Liu Hao business is only limited to the University ,but he hopes more like motorcycle sports friends to join . One person ,maybe we can set up a charitable Express Alliance ,both to do their love affair, and to help those who need help ,may be able to earn money .
Liu Hao said .Liu Hao :born in 1986 ,a native of Shaanxi Xi ,christian louboutin sale,now Innovation workshop website project operation division article / reporter Zhang Lei to share: welcome to comment I want to comment
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Infant birth weight only 500 grams of whole body is slightly lar

Yesterday, small boy at children neonatal ICU treatment .Xinhua News Agency reporter Long Hongtao absorbs the newspaper news ( reporter Tang Jiangpeng correspondent Li Qi Intern Tang Xue ) birth weight only 500 grams !Systemic translucent ,subcutaneous blood vessels are visible ;the whole body is only the older adult face ,limbs only one adult finger size .
.. ... Yesterday, the provincial children Department of neonatal isolation room ,the reporters saw a pocket baby baby (a pseudonym ) is lying in the thermal insulation box body inserted ,with various kinds of pipe .
Small is the province postnatal survival of 500 grams ofpocket baby ,born facing respiratory clearance and nutrition . He was like a piece of tofu won won the July 9th afternoon 4 when make ,from Zhuzhou maternal Wang Ying (a pseudonym) was rushed to the local hospital ,the subsequent birth under a weight only 500 grams ,length 28.
5 cm pocket baby boy .The doctor according to the baby body surface characteristics estimation ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,little stomach in the mother probably lasted only 24 weeks and 1 days,is unable to hold oneself back to the birth ( and normal full-term infants born to at least to the matrix for more than 37 weeks ,weight of about 2500 to 4000 grams) .
In the evening, little was rushed to the children of newborn Pediatrics rescue . Little was brought in ,he probably only one adult male palm ,systemic skin dry ,heartbeat and breath are weak .
According to the isolation chamber a nurse memories ,at that time everybody with great care to premature infants in the isolation chamber ,lifted him like took a piece of bean curd ,Louboutin Shoes,everyone is anxious .
Yesterday, in the neonatal intensive care unit ,the reporter saw the small hours ,he was lying on his side on the warm box ,eyes covered with gauze ,prevent external light stimulation . in extremely low birth weight newborns ,the situation is very dangerous ,the textbook of neonatal he almost got it all !According to the provincial children newborn Department of Pediatrics director Professor Gao Xirong, after the diagnosis ,little with neonatal respiratory distress syndrome ,neonatal shock ,severe acidosis ,disseminated intravascular coagulation ,christian louboutin,preterm birth injury and other diseases .
At present little situation is very unstable ,being neonates warm box received 24 hours of special medical intensive care ,given the ECG monitoring ,anti-infection ,bleeding,christian louboutin shoes, correction of acidosis and heart protective and symptomatic treatment .
In as thin as hair needle size ,vascular motivated milk ,breathing ... ... These must be daily activities ,little is difficult .To this end, the provincial children neonatal transfers temporarily 4 nursesof intensive care group ,with the most original and most effective man-to-man of little .
According to introduction ,of little care ,daily intravenous infusion not only technical difficulty ,and each needle is of little trauma .Each infusion ,nurses should hands in an incubator operation ,to overcome the visual difference under the premise of pierce to the heart of the matter as thin as hair into small blood vessels .
In order to reduce to small puncture wounds and infection ,in addition to the use of special ECG monitoring in small probe, the third day of admission, neonatology specialists to small body built into the inner diameter of only 0.
36 mm of the umbilical vein catheterization ,dosing ,nutritional supplements and so on through this channel .Small daily milk ,liquid quantity must be based on weight accurate compounding .
Therefore ,every day nurses carry little weight to the first .Due to little systemic blood less than 50 ml ,so every time blood tests are in have no alternative against one the circumstances of limited samples,Christian Louboutin Shoes, even with 0.
5 ml of blood loss to him is a heavy blow .How to avoid its pocket baby in last few years ,children Hospital of premature infants showed an increasing tendency .Fetal maternal appear greater probability in preterm infants ,pregnant women ,pressure increases ,the abuse of midwifery in preterm infants with increased to a certain extent .
In addition ,pregnant women drinking ,smoking ,drug abuse ,lack of trace elements ,placental abruption ,placenta previa ,there may also be a premature and low birth weight infants .The data shows ,2006at childrenwere successfully treated from Jiangxi drums Chen Xiangyi birth weight only 500 grams ,was the successful rescue of the lightest weight premature infants .
To avoid the pocket baby ,the key is to prevent the occurrence of premature birth .Gao Xirong said that ,as a mother, try not to be too tired, do not often overtime ,always pay attention to their own physical condition .
In 24to 34 weeks ofpregnancy ,pregnant women may be premature ,so pregnant women must pay attention to timing of prenatal examination ,discovery of antepartum haemorrhage and threatened premature delivery indicia to timely diagnosis and treatment of a doctor .
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